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Rafael Mantovani (2018)

because now they know everything, the dead

no longer get scared


one can no longer surprise them or deceive them

one can no longer hide anything from them, no longer tell them lies

but also they no longer fell shocked or offended or embarrassed

they’re now acquainted with every cock and every ass

they’re acquainted with every excuse

every piece of ignorance

they’re not acquainted with the future, but the future, when it happens, strikes them as obvious


they do not think that anything is an imminent threat

but neither do they think that our concerns are ridiculous

they do not think anyone is wasting their time

they know that anything can be resumed or undone, like a piece of sewing


they no longer feel hungry or craving a cigarette, but they’re still watching everything

and yes: they still feel happy and sad

and that’s what they used to call fear, luck, hope etc.

except that now they no longer try to do anything about it


they watch and they know everything, passionately so

because it’s the only thing that they can do

and because they can’t refrain from doing it

and if they could, they would suggest we did the same

(but that would be the same as wishing death upon us

but that would suit them well, because they’re envious

but they’re also loving, and they would like to help)


they would like to help

but they know everything, except what to do

doing and making is not at all their forte

they make noises, but shapeless noises, like babies make


they would help us with information if they could

but they don’t believe in spiritualism.

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