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The Science Page

Alistair Noon (2011)

On knowledge they have seldom got it wrong,

the Chinese. Confucius: It is a joy

to learn, though not in government employ.

Put in some study daily: Mao Zedong.


So every morning now, before I clear

our denuded bowls off into the sink

I speed my brain’s development, and think

with Red Guard zeal, or how disciples hear:


Peruvian glaciers now in jeopardy.

British sex worst, new research indicates.

Nosepicking genetic. News from the States:

Nutritionists Advise Drink Less Black Tea.


Each morning’s story is a harvest, curse

or Gilgamesh, notched on a slab of clay

or inked on tomb walls. How’s this? World Created

in a Week. Or else: Sun Revolves round Earth.


Then it’s back to my daily paradigm

of dish and dash, forgetting global danger,

living without the breaking news from Nature:

no God or physics has the time for time.


From: Alistair Noon: Out of the Cave. Calder Wood Press, 2011.




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