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Editorial no. 2

stadtsprachen magazin (2017)

Editorial no. 2

What constitutes the fascination of Berlin as literary city? What attracts literatures from all over the world? These among other questions will be examined by the new edition of the stadtsprachen magazin. 25 authors write in and about Berlin, in languages such as Spanish, English, French, German, Arabic, Bosnian, Portuguese, Italian and Polish. Thus, German contemporary literature is by no means confined to the German language. Berlin is the city of multitudinous languages and cultures, as shown by the poems, tales, novel excerpts, non-fictions and illustrations on this site. Many of the texts are first publications, especially the translations.

The light of the languages illuminates the dark contours of Berlin’s cityscape and brings to life the narratives of this city. In the stadtsprachen magazin, the poeticity of translation appears in a new light, the borders between original and translated texts are blurred. The languages of the world effervesce from every nook, along every crack in the asphalt, and together form a literary reservoir from which authors draw their ideas. In its language-euphony, reading the stadtsprachen magazin is not unlike a stroll through the city of Berlin.


Sharon Dodua Otoo: Once upon a time there lived a circle in a community of squares

Patricia Cerda: Zeitzeugen

Henri-Michel Yéré: Es kreist das Gerücht

MC Jabber: Ich kann nicht atmen

Luísa Nóbrega: Gretchen

William Cody Maher: Mensch sein

María Cecilia Barbetta: Änderungsschneiderei Los Milagros

Ian Orti: Pferd!

Sonia Solarte: Mein Lyrisches Ich

Érica Zíngano: Ich weiß nicht warum – Zeichnungen und Texte für Unica Zürn

Assaf Alassaf: عن غزو البلهاء وكتابتهم

Julian Gough: Rabbit’s Bad Habits

Cristian Forte: Liebesnest

Lars Jongeblod: Part I: put it into a frame

Dang-Lanh Hoang: Die Mauer und Plastiktüten

Milenko Goranović: Csárdás

Jane Flett: love in a time before evolution caught up with us

Ricardo Domeneck: Ausgedrittelt

Alan Mills: Facebook no es Franz Kafka

Bibiana Candia: Alta definición (manual de usuario)

Joey Bahlsen: Rhapsody

Federico Federici: Dunkelwort (e altre poesie)

Denise Pereira: Hämophilie

John K. Peck: Sand and Sentinel

Ewa Maria Slaska: Auf Deutsch und Polnisch/ Po polsku i po niemiecku


Joey Bahlsen & Birger Hoyer
Editorial staff stadtsprachen magazin


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