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Editorial no. 3

stadtsprachen magazin (2017)

Editorial no. 3

The stories & poems we’ve collected, edited and presented for this, our third release, seem to have nothing much in common. 25 texts, by 24 authors (21 different translators), in more than 10 languages. They’re political & poetic, mystic and mischievous, vague and specific. They include all or none of these characteristics.

We’ve gathered tales of blossoming and withering things. Blooming hibiscus’, swarming bougainvillea weave through the paragraphs and sentences of our newest release. Liquid stories. That spill, stain, spray, splash, cloud and uncloud. Poems that puzzle, poems that illuminate and dissolve.

The one thing these texts have in common is a distinctness of voice. A note, unlike one another. A scent of their own, if you will.

Ideally, we endeavour that these unique voices help epitomise the aesthetic conscience of the literary city Berlin.


Maroula Blades: Um dich selbst

Marie-Pascale Hardy: 3 Abweichungen

Érica Zíngano: Talking Banana

Dmitri Dragilew: ЯВКА ПРОВАЛЕНА

Andrea Scrima: Wie viel Tage

Menekşe Toprak: Der Brief im Koffer

Andrej Hočevar: A List

Patricia Cerda: Luz in Berlin

Brygida Helbig: Himmelchen

Henri-Michel Yéré: Abends ergebe ich mich

Jùmọké Bọlanle Adéyanju: Tayari

Bibiana Candia: Bella cuando me torturo

Elsye Suquilanda: Sommer in Berliner Krankenhäusern

Kenan Khadaj: لست لعبتكم المسلية

Marie-Pascale Hardy: Fast Oktober

Nicole Tams: Herzensangelegenheiten

Ethel Barja: Notizen über Berlin und das lateinamerikanische Schreiben

Goitseone Montsho: Frauen die sprangen

Göksu Kunak: The Economics of Dating

Yi Meng Wu: Chinesische Dinge

Kevin Shih-Hung Chen: Attitude

Sonia Solarte: Die Kreuze der Angst

Rebaone Mangope: Johannesburg. Die Stadt des Goldes

Carla Bessa: China

Kenny Fries: ghostfeet: a dream


Joey Bahlsen & Birger Hoyer
Editorial office stadtsprachen magazin




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