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Henry von Blockhearts & his butterfly loving family of robots

Jarno Eerola (2020)

Henry is a 57 year old, butterfly loving office manager from Darmstadt, Germany with a background in international package delivery company, and he makes butterfly-themed websites in his free time. The website is quite popular and cultivates thousands of posts and messages between visitors and butterfly enthusiasts around the world. 

Henry’s wife Paloma is an art dealer in a local gallery where Henry often goes for gala exhibitions and meets interesting people. Henry is quite a chatter when around powerful people and late night buffets. Sometimes the conversations with entrepreneurs, bankers and models blossom from butterflies into a worldwide storytelling network that is a chat service specialized for butterfly lovers or any other interesting topic. Usually the story doesn’t go much further than 2.30am… 

But this time Henry had brought his nephew Klaus with him who is a young writer in TV series “Silicon Allee” which is a German copycat of the famous North American series “Silicon Valley”. Klaus, 23, tells excitedly to Henry and other guests about the latest trends and gossip in the series and shows live video from his smartphone. 

One of the banker’s wife, Gudith, suggested to Henry that why don’t he create a unicorn from his butterfly website! This would bring him great fortune, and he would get to spend his time with his beloved hobby. That would be a dream come true! 

Klaus was laughing out loud that how could a dinosaur like Henry move in today’s internet business where everything is about selfies, hashtags, virtual reality and best investors only hang out at Cryptoraves in Blockchain Bar. 

Mildly toasted Henry wanted to show his capabilities and not to lose the game, especially in front of Gudith, who is the third wife of one of the biggest financial institutions in southern Germany. 

Henry spontaneously erected on the table shouting: “I will do it! I will do the damn butterfly thing! Soon everyone can know everything about butterflies and talk about them all day long with no other than butterfly lovers around the world. You would also have a chance to earn money and gifts from any butterfly related activity in the community. There will be no more trolls posting cat pictures that get much more attention from the general public and cause confusion and depression among butterfly folks. Many threaten to leave the community to pursue other hobbies like cats. If we democratize every opportunity, there will be cat pictures on every community as long as Web 2.0 is mainstream media. I’m Henry and I will change this game!” 

Henry is searching for help in validating, developing, designing, translating or buying his great idea for a decentralized butterfly chat application on Blockchain technology. 

Henry also needs to find investors and legal advice to his amazing concept to disrupt the messaging service industry. 

Henry must also think about PR, marketing and how to monetize a global niche market. How to reach those who really do care about butterflies and have the passion to contribute building the community into a colorful and socially vivid club. 

Henry is also aware that someone might want to steal his idea or that there might be another butterfly lover in Canada thinking about the same idea. He must be fast but secure in his moves. 

A quick pass at Google shows multiple websites that advertise butterfly books, pictures and movies. There are also many websites selling T-shirts that feature butterflies. Facebook and Instagram has tons of pages or individual profiles of butterfly photographers but all of them lack active or up-to-date conversation. People just show their findings with no facts or details which is why most get no comments and just a handful of likes. “That’s not butterfly community! We are much more than that.”, Henry was frustrated. 

Henry’s summary after browsing online until 6am is that if you use mainstream services like Google and Facebook about your interest in butterflies all they do is sell that information to big enterprises and the ones who have butterfly products online, will show their ads to Henry in a form of search results and in response to his query, or show pop up photo ads distracting his reading on a news page. 

After a short sleep Henry jumps up confused but fresh after realizing that we don’t need Facebook or Google if we just want to have a chat about butterflies with no distraction or extra step before reaching the content. New technologies like Blockchain provide revolutionary ways to connect and build communities that reward the contributing users and support the service to stay alive and healthy. 

Henry envisions a new tomorrow where butterfly hobby need not start from a selfie or investing money to keywords that can bring visitors to your otherwise completely hidden like Web 2.0 is today. No matter how great your story is, without marketing strategy and budget it doesn’t go to people who would love to hear it. Leaving much less time to actual content production and telling the best stories. 

What are the next steps for Henry to grab his idea and mould it into a decentralized Murdoch of Butterflies where users earn money and need not worry about marketing, sales, PR or building the investor presentations? 


Henry‘s Favourite Cocktails 

Every second Friday Henry organized a small gathering among local friends and colleagues. Offering them a chance to unwind in Henry’s beautiful garden that had a direct view to the mountains in the horizon. 

Guests were invited to taste and comment on new and old recipes Henry had collected and developed over the years. Consisting of local fruits, based on myths and legends that the villagers often talked about. A dash of history mixed with fresh ideas. Henry’s bar was decorated with exclusive wines and liquors around the world that most of them Henry received as presents from his business partners. 

Wing Master

One of the guests favorite cocktails, the Wing Master was a nicely built mixture of gin, orange juice and slice of cucumber. Served in a grog class with large cubes of ice. Easy going summer drink would give every guest a big smile and put sunshine emojis on their faces. 

The garden music selection was old time jazz played softly via a distributed speaker system that was designed not to be seen. Individual speakers were hidden in trees and furniture giving the feeling that the music was floating in the air and moving along the wind like river flow. 

Everything was designed to support the essence of each cocktail. While the drinks seemed a bit basic type that anyone could marvel in their home kitchen, it was the overall user experience and journey that overwhelmed every single user. Sharing the same magical experience almost simultaneously and indeed simultaneously, every time Henry or one of his guests gave a speech. “Hear! Hear!” 

Simple and connecting values were the key tricks that Henry used to build his magical atmosphere in his garden that lead to many fruitful discussions and successful business ventures. 

Henry shared his latest recipes online with pictures and video instructions, including suggestions for matching music and food servings. The community was very connected and could almost relive the experience simply by watching the content online. Every new story and idea was automatically shared among the network and users could also create their own signature cocktails based on Henry’s method. You could almost taste the “Banana Joe” by watching the making of- video and listening to Jamaican dub reggae that was part of the recipe. 

Simulate Your Cocktail! 

What made Henry’s cocktail blog extremely engaging was the possibility to add your own picture to the digitally created composition. It looked like you were in Kingston town sitting calmly on the roadside and taking selfies with local DJs. You could even see them tasting your own designer drink! It was quite easy to notice when the mix was not natural. Something was slightly odd in the full picture and created a different story for the viewer. Simply by changing the cocktail into a glass of wine or the music into rock, this would not fit at all with the blissful Jamaican backdrop and the winter outfit of the user. Looked more like 80s comedy movie National Lampoon’s, where the “hero dad” has missed the exit ramp and driven two days into the wrong direction, ending up in Jamaica but still imagining that they were in Vermont, according to his road reading expertise. Hence his proud moment of drinking wine in the wrong place. 

Mario von Blockhearts 

During the Summer Solstice it was a great tradition to honour the memory of the great-great-grandfather of Henry, who immigrated from Italy in the 17th century. Mario was one of the first inhabitants of the village and built the first olive farm that was the only olive farm in the region at the time. 

The cocktail that carried his name was special. The key ingredients were vodka, salt and three olives. Served in a cocktail glass so that the olives were vertically aligned. Each olive represented the original family values; friendship, trust and equality. 

“Mario” was drunk in three sips so that every time you would eat one olive and join thought with members and cherish each value. It was like a mantra that would turn your natural defense mechanism off and give you a moment to deeply connect with your friends. 

It had a similar taste of business etiquette as handshake and legal contract, you felt relaxed and free to talk after couple of “Marios” 

Music, please! 

What made the ceremony even more special was the playing of ceremonial wooden flute that Henry crafted from freshly cut branches of willow tree. The flute played only five melodies, and it was easy to play. You need to put your lips softly on the tip of the flute and breathe out just like you breathe out normally. Blowing would make the flute resonate and sound irritating. A stressed person could not perform the ritual correctly and was ordered to drink another Mario von Blockhearts and try again later. 


When every guest passed the royal ceremony by playing the original melody and theme for Mario von Blockhearts, some after very many retries, the second part of the evening started. Catering had prepared a selection of local cheeses, fruits and nuts in the garden and it was time for the annual speech by Henry. 

The first part of the ceremony that sometimes took hours to go through verified that all the users are motivated for the same goal. Some worked harder than others but eventually a mutual trust relationship was built. A one-time event where old and new friends were united under one umbrella. 

The speech by Henry was short. It only consisted of three words; friendship, trust and equality. 

Artist is a Startup 

Music projects are very similar to startup projects. They are both initiated from a great idea or accidental event. The goal is to disrupt the market with a better, faster, cheaper and shinier version of yesterday. How the project is built is also similar and consists of strategy, roadmap, prototype, budget, investors, partners, distribution and sales. Music projects are more natural for decentralization because they often work for a long time without rules or boundaries and work independently from the idea, let’s say “Deep House Music”. That could be one decentralized startup where every independent team or unit is building the global phenomenon. It is competitive between the nodes but at least they compete on the same layer. 

Designing a journey for a music startup is key for the whole team (artist, label, publisher, press, investors) where everyone can clearly see where the startup aims to go and what are the mutually critical steps that need to be taken. Today, most of the above tasks are solely on the artists’ shoulders like they are rogue coders trying to hack into the network dominated by the big three. New talents compete with thousands alike for a chance to be signed on a record label that would take care of the success. 

Artists want to focus on the music as much as the developer wants to focus on coding. If artist needs to take are of marketing, sales, publishing, artwork, strategy, investors, partners, press and even pay flights by self to present in festivals because they don’t have the budget – its 100% identical to the startup battle that every entrepreneur must go through before the funding kicks in and you can have the team to deliver your dream. 

Fall In Love With Techno! 

We love to innovate new technologies and use the latest technologies to innovate more ideas. It’s like playing your favorite game over and over while trying to improve the high score. 

Sometimes these ideas are simply so charming that we need to test it to our friends and colleagues for an effect. It’s like playing your new favorite song to your friend. It’s quite likely that they say something nice because they know you. 

Eventually some ideas find their way into customers’ hands and worldwide commerce creating more unicorns in the world. 

As much as we trust technology to run our great ideas like eCommerce website for shoes and shirts, we should embrace technology to help us to innovate more creatively. Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Bot technologies are just a few of the latest innovations that can dramatically unload our manual and repetitive tasks. Things that we push back because they are not so cool. Jobs that we don’t like to do on a rainy day. Customer Journey, Feedback cycle, Revenue Projections, Budget, Roadmap. You can do it a few times but eventually you start cutting corners and none of the tables are any more accurate because you are focused on the idea. All your simulation data is old and you actually don’t have any user feedback. Everything is hanging in the air. 

No matter how great the idea is, the project can fail from the faulty supporting parts. 

Decentralized Music Producer 

Today, anyone can be a music producer and sell their work online. It’s no longer a matter of investment in technology. All you need is a computer or smartphone. There are plenty of free tools and lessons available to master music production. 

Music requires a lot of creative design work and it is difficult to plan like any other project. You can deliver the project but there is no guarantee that the product works, why most music producers rely heavily on Marketing and PR. 90% of the music project budget is for promoting the work, less than 10% of the budget goes to actual music writing. 

Does not matter if you are big or small, you are playing against everyone and at the same time. Your battle ground today is Spotify and Youtube, who compete from the position who gives you less revenue from your work. Your greatest piece of work is just data for their analytics machine. 

I want to put my music on Blockchain and get rich! 

There are few artists already pushing their work on Blockchain and more teams are building different kinds of platforms and services that help you to earn more from your work. While these great initiatives will take some time to evolve into a level that you can say bye-bye to other distributors and labels, you should be all hands up looking for the best idea for your very own Blockchain music! 

Blockchain does not (yet) solve all the problems of your music business. Even if you get 100% of the sales of your music, how much that is when there are zero sales on your Blockchain Music Shop because nobody knows about it? You are still stuck with the need to have the customer relationship. Marketing, strategy, user journeys, Testing, pricing, PR… long list of daily tasks you need to master in order to have Proof of Concept on your idea, the latest album for example. 

Ideally Blockchain wants you to focus what you do best, in this case Music. The supporting services you can also source from Blockchain without the need to build and maintain your own. This sets up new challenges for the design and managing the Blockchain Design Architecture. There are many connections and dependencies that cannot be overlooked when changing the song. This is where automation comes into play taking care of the underlying movement and responding to your needs while you keep swinging in the hammock designing your new hit song! 

Personal Computer in Year 2050 

Do you still think carrying a smartphone is common in 2050? Is Virtual Reality still cool and requires at least plastic sunglasses to work? Are your jeans connected to your car air-conditioning system to be ready for you after your intensive tennis class? 

We dream that our future computers would cease to exist in our visible device gallery; Phone, Watch, Laptop, Tablet and printer – all would be gone from constant beeps for attention. That computers would finally understand our thoughts and serve the best way just whispering important decisions needing questions and suggestions. We are almost there, at least the technology is capable of this even today but we are still carrying a gym bag of battery hungry devices and their cables. 

Decentralized Operating System 

What if Blockchain could build us a new User Interface by design? Something that would fit you like a t-shirt and naturally do its service without us always needing to guide the ctrl-alt-del melody to speed up the development progress. 

Our future operating systems would consist of just the needed, possibly locally manufactured, services that you would use as naturally as flushing a toilet. The infrastructure is taken care of and if you need to scale it’s automatically connected to your water bill. 

We can add and remove services on the go and feel trust like you would talk with your family. Maybe after this you are fine to say “Hello!” to strangers in the park. You know they will smile back at you with “Hi!”, at least most of the time. 

All this will be a great challenge to Designers! Take away the keyboard, mouse, screen, pen, paper… all you have is one 3D hologram Dashboard that talks in two ways. And it speaks 125 different languages in real time. 

Science Fiction films like Bladerunner and Iron Man give us great design inspiration and use case examples of futuristic Blockchain services. All needs connected and served instantly. It is our journey to design and test these scenarios by innovating new services with direct connection with the user. Like an artist talking to her biggest fan. There is no wasted moment.

Decentralizing the Butterfly ideas 

Klaus visited Henry for his 60th birthday and brought a new book for Henry’s remarkable butterfly collection. Henry was delighted by the gift and seeing his favorite nephew. After showing some of the ideas to Klaus they started talking again about the better tomorrow and how to reach the most active people in the field of butterflies. Why they didn’t find Henry and his ideas. Why investors or media didn’t call Henry to talk about the idea and promote it to their audience to help in building the community. 

Klaus remembered an episode in “Silicon Allee” that reminded of his situation where the idea is really great but it’s impossible to build without failing many times which makes it expensive or a risky investment project. In the episode the frustrated and young startup founders panicked after the first big fail and rushed applications to all possible accelerators and funding programs to keep the project alive. Fully distracted from the core idea and sitting in designer classrooms listening to other startups telling about their struggle like in AA meetings. Finally one of the mentors had a minute for a person to person meeting and specifically talked about their problem. 

Klaus suggested Henry to apply to one of these accelerators! They offer free desk, software, network and mentoring for Three months and take 9% of Henry’s business idea for this service. One of the startups can also win 10,000e worth of cloud hosting for one year. 

It’s been nearly four decades since the last time Henry was in school. A private school for startup guys who need help in realizing their passion. Motivated people who encourage Henry to work even harder and think bigger when building the sales pipeline for investors. This felt both humiliating and inspiring for Henry. Young, well-dressed guys talking about their unicorn reaching 400 Meur round in 8 months in business and no MVP needed. Losses are big, no profit even estimated and investors and media are happy. Impressive and hypnotizing story. 

Henry picked up his sleeves and new ideas from the accelerator that can jump start his butterfly community and build the way he dreamed. Days and nights went by while Henry browsed for powerpoint templates that have attracted at least 5 Million Euro investment. Copying and pasting best ideas from all of the winners seemed like a good strategy. 

Rushing to show it to Klaus and get his feedback on the new story Henry thought that now he would be ready to conquer the world, and he has everything needed to succeed. The reaction of Klaus was disappointing. It confused Klaus why Henry was showing pages and pages of sales estimates of advertisements and different strategies to collect user data and monetize third party games on the website. There was very little about butterflies on the presentation. Only the front page and even that was a stock photo of the most common butterfly, the Red Admiral. 


Henry’s Butterfly Pitch is Filling the Tents 

As soon as Henry realized he reached the maximum number of guests to attend his seminar, they all started to send contact requests and meeting suggestions. 

Hundreds and hundreds of interests on Henry’s invention to revolutionize the butterfly business. This started already hours before the seminar and overwhelmed poor Henry who was used to handle only three to four meetings per day. 

On seminar pitch days even less due to concentration on speech. 

Henry reached for his smartphone and checked if there was a manager available to handle all the incoming requests. 

In a few seconds Sandra called. “Henry! I heard about your success! I’m very happy for you. Do you want us to handle clients while you focus on your speech at AmphiDome3 at 12.35?” 

Henry swiped YES! 

Henry Wakes Up Happily Every Morning! 

Thanks to Blockchain, Henry gets up happily every day because he can spend the whole day working with his passion for butterflies. 

Each story, photo, engagement with these beloved creatures is now automatically written into Blockchain. Every service that Henry uses in his neighborhood can accept B-Fly Coins and there are no transaction fees or other hidden costs by operators. The value is transformed without cutting it like dirty cocaine. 

The community owns the business and earns a lot of money by selling detailed metadata about the community to other businesses in order to target advertising and services. It’s easy and secure because no personal data is ever shared or sold. Endless stream of profitable and cold metadata that only computers can understand. 

It’s all smooth and automated. No fear of API fails or new rules that don’t allow close up pictures of butterflies in a natural environment because they require high definition. Unlike cat pictures that can be even gif and they’re good. 

Decentralized Public Organisations 

Henry ́s dayjob in the public sector was an IT Manager in the city’s postal delivery department. Coordinating the logistics and daily routines of postal services in the city area. Working in parallel with multiple other departments, Henry and his team was trying to improve the cost 

structure of delivery. Due to raising gasoline prices the driving routes and schedules needed work in order to stay profitable. 

Each department had their own process for innovation and a long list of development partner companies who they worked with. Every month they gathered for a Sauna meeting. Very casual but in order to clear it as company cost they had to hold one hour of official business. This was dedicated to a monthly innovation cup. Every department presented their best ideas with three slides and three minutes. The best idea was voted among people who were present and the winning team was awarded a gift card for local spa & restaurant. 

Even with such a small group of people they had no idea how to control, combine and manage the innovation flow. Every department had their own challenges but there were also a lot of similar types of problems just with a different label. 

Public Enemy Number 1 

When a new idea or innovation is taken into public organisation use it has to go through a long process of testing and evaluation. Impossible for a small team to support. Sales cycles of two years or more are the battlegrounds that only few companies can enter. 

Internal welcome for new ideas are often deferred. If it’s working why fix it? Nobody wants to change their own routine workflow that makes the days go flying by. Unless there is a big catch, like remote work opportunity. These types of challenges are faced daily and affects negatively to the innovation process and how it is developed. 

Smarter design can lead to faster innovation cycles and organisation wide positive acceptance of new working methods. What’s in it for me? When users can see the new ideas from their own perspective and have their own real life experience, they are more likely to adopt because they understand the process and they like the idea. 

Henry is preparing his next presentation for the Sauna evening. He is doing it in the bus while heading to the location close to White Lake just fifteen minutes out of the office and city. He can visualise together all the ideas from last month, tag the favourite ones and system would line them up again like a poker hand. Many of the ideas have similar components and features which helps Henry to understand that many ideas need a decentralized solution. Only the feature parts change according to different use cases. The underlying infrastructure is more or less the same. 

It’s showtime! Henry enters the stage just next to the fireplace. They often joke with each other that this is the Real fireside chat! How can you call it fireside chat without a fireplace? Henry projects to the wall his latest idea and at the same time fifteen other ideas that interconnect with this idea. It looks more like a stream of ideas nicely set for a journey. “Wow!” they all cheered but slightly different than the usual. They all just realised that Henry showed also their best ideas. All in one smooth map. 

The Mayor was in town and sometimes also visited the Sauna. It was exactly this time, too! After hearing all the cheering coming from the fireplace area, Mayor Jens came out from the Sauna to see what was going on. He recognised most of the people from his own town. City engineers, Transportation managers, Renewal Energy Directors. All cheering for Henry’s slideshow. Mayor Jens was curious and asked if Henry could send those slides to his email. Two days later Henry got a call for a meeting about his new position as Innovation Director at the City and a task to streamline all public sector innovation pipelines so that more people can follow and take part of the evaluation process that was done monthly in Sauna. Henry said he would consider it in one condition! They would continue the Sauna ceremony every month and City would award the each winner of the month in public to motivate the innovators and bring positive awareness to people about the development of their public sector services. 

The Future is now! 

You are now in the year 2050 and comfortably flying through space in your very own private spaceship! Each passing planet is connected to your dashboard listing its primary offerings and requests for business. Your personal assistant Daisy whispers to you headlines from the upcoming mission and waits for your command… “Where are we heading, Captain?” 

In just a few years time we are able to launch new ventures to run on global networks. The Next Internet is more than a data transport layer. It’s a true highway network system where peer to peer commerce flows like water. We are no longer bound to geographic or governmental borders and we can even do intergalactic commerce in a trusted manner. Your money is safe until the work is done! 

The amount of data that will be added into Blockchain will keep growing and require extremely powerful networks to carry the load. Trusted partners who can deliver the packages like Han Solo, will be greatly rewarded unlike today’s economy where some of our most important delivery guys are kept in the shadows. 

Henry ́s Rise Against The Storm 

It was early morning. Not more than seven, but Henry was already wide awake. Sunrise is one of the best times to watch butterflies in nature doing their morning routine. 

Henry is also excited about the first seed investment proposal from Gudith. 

While enjoying the walk in the field and close by the river, Henry started to plan things forwards in his mind. Butterflies… Blockchain… tokens… butterflies… crypto!? His mind starts to be 

confused with the new words and ideas Klaus fed him from the last episode of “Silicon Allee” tv show. 

The main idea of public freedom and sharing the wealth caught Henry’s interest. It’s the idea that fits with his butterfly community. Not mixed up with cats or advertisement on cat food, which was publicly accepted to get the free service. 

There is no time to wait until someone else comes up with the same brilliant idea. Decentralized Butterfly Collectibles. The more you contribute the more you earn – simple! The more you consume the more you pay – sounds fair! And the best thing – no pop ups or ads! No corporate dominance by changing the page size when they want, destroying API interfaces that people are using or no stealing.. collecting of Henry’s customer data that he has worked on for years and paid ads to grow. 

The gap between new and old seems too long for old Henry. His biggest fear is, can he jump that far? The new internet is rising from the horizon but there are both rain and snow clouds on the way, blocking the full view and possible journey paths. 

Every day there are new ideas on how to take this journey, as many as there are new scams and fails. Small and medium size businesses who are already tightly bound in the chains of the Goliaths like Google and Facebook can easily lose their whole audience, revenues and competition if they choose the wrong path to tomorrowland. 

Now it started to look like Henry must build the whole pipeline from his farm to all the butterfly site members, take care of security, payments, contributions, legal, taxes. He also must build a new community website and transform all content into new domain. Emails, conversations, everything! Or maybe not at all because one of the recent new meets, Randy J Watson from California, who is traveling through Germany and preaching decentralized ideas to local wine farms. 

Randy has a new startup that can easily take any old business and safely navigate the course through the jungle of blockchain mysteries. Henry is about to meet Randy again to discuss more about this turn key solution. 

Startups Walk in the Park 

It was late at night and Henry was about to go to sleep. Henry always wanted to take a walk in the garden just to look and feel that everything was ready for the day. It was a daily routine Henry took without a thought. 

These few minutes were very creative for Henry. Offering a calm, almost dead silent moment with his thoughts from the day. All the new experiences and contact with the butterflies started to knit a farm of ideas.


Anonymous Butterflies 

Late nite thinking in the darkness under the sky and apple trees Henry took one step too uncareful which led him to fall right on his back. Softly on the fresh summer grass that hasn’t been cut in weeks. When Henry opened his eyes he saw all the stars and constellations right in front of his eyes. “The butterfly!” Henry shouted. He saw the same patterns in the stars as he saw earlier taken by the butterflies in his olive tree garden. The connection was vivid and strong. Like a lightning bolt going through Henry’s brain. 

What if we could all be seen as stars in the sky and you would always know the one by its moves and patterns? This would be a very easy way to distinguish different species and different needs across species. You could easily tell when one is hungry, thirsty or just looking for directions. You don’t need to know the species to answer the problem. 

Fly Higher Tomorrow 

The morning comes. Very early. It’s not even five a clock but Henry is already wide awake, strolling in the garden. Greeted by the sunshine and singing birds, Henry takes his routine walk around the olive trees. The mist of the morning had also woken up the butterflies. Happily dancing from grass to the top of the tree and back. 

Henry started to count. What if all of the butterflies would have a team that could talk with the other group of butterflies in the next farm. Indeed they did have such communication mechanism but Henry was not sure how it would work. Frequencies? Fragrances? It all felt paranormal to Henry, who was mostly common operating a landline telephone where you can touch the cable that connects you with your friends. Invisible stop by the central Sandra, today a silent robot, who reconnects you to your favourite destinations. 

Using the mathematics of nature around Henry, he would quickly visualise patterns in his head. Cocoon, Flower, Seed.. Different types of harmonic shapes spinned around Henry ́s head. Decentralised Butterfly Platform where different needs would be met without trouble. Different weather conditions or plant growth stage information would be available in real time, possibly projected over the sky so the butterflies could easily read it. 

Season Highlights 

Connecting the dots between the butterfly ideas and possible needs of the community, Henry saw a clear opportunity for good. Let’s all share our intimate thoughts around mathematical pattern shapes generated by random butterflies. They say that you can tell a lot about a man based on his favorite butterfly. This really worked. Henry was able to design a model that all of his network peers were happy and communicative. Active participants were rewarded with discounts to the t-shirt shop. Even more, they were paid money for recruiting new partners to the community. 

Easy to Share 

The butterfly business was like a sticker business for Henry. It had many unique shapes that had an anonymous group of fans. Some like it sharp. Some like it smooth. Henry got it all and collected even more through his peer to peer network. Every unique pattern was valued differently based on community feedback and vote. If you really loved it you would pay little in order to be able to show it to your friend. 


From the book “Henry von Blockhearts – The Journey You Can’t Miss” published by Blockhearts Publishing in 2019 and available on Amazon. 

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