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Issue no. 10

stadtsprachen magazin (2019)

Editorial no. 10

Where do we stand in the crowded intersection of multilingualism which is increasingly shaping contemporary literature? How do we create connections, grapple with the polylingual phenomenon with an emphasis on literary fluidity without marginalizing lingual pathways?

After we embarked into the world of print with our special ninth edition of stadtsprachen magazin,  we’ve now slipped back into the embrace of the digital, which truly allows us to exhibit polylingual literature in all its glory, showcasing different languages; writers and translators in a symbiotic flat hierachy. stadtsprachen magazin no. 10 proudly presents poetry, prose and non-fiction texts by 22 authors and 11 translators in 10 languages.

Joey Bahlsen & Birger Hoyer
Editorial Office



Eugene Ostashevsky: Feeling Sonnet 14

Lucy Jones: Trans-German

Chun Shu: seite an seite

William Cody Maher: Der Bus kam nie

Cia Rinne: Die Worte Anderer

Edwin Frank: Pinocchios neue Abenteuer

Lê Minh Hà: Verwitweter Mond

Shane Anderson: Neuanfang, nächster Versuch

Delphine de Stoutz: Adult(R)

Ana Ristović: Metamorphosen

Dasom Yang: Herakles war ein wichtiger griechischer Held …

Phạm Kỳ Đăng: Weggabelung

Idra Novey: O Erde: Eine Entfremdung in fünf Teilen

Martin Jankowski: Berlinasia – Faszination und Verflechtung

Laurence Barbasetti: De l’autre côté

Denise Pereira: Umarmung

Mati Shemoelof: The life of Chezi and Helena

Elsye Suquilanda: Ente con sustancia

Mara Mahía: Rope Jumping

Dagmar Yu-Dembski: Berliner Sinospäre

Alexander Kazak: Girls-Spys

MC Jabber: Like


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