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Issue no. 12

stadtsprachen magazin (2019)


This winter edition of stadtsprachen magazin proves once more that literature and Berlin are mutually dependent on each other. As always, we pay special attention to the hidden voices that scurry from shadow to shadow until the leaves clear and the breath of multilingual streams of thought mixes with the Berlin air.

Literary oxygen seeps into the pores of the city and its people, raising and lowering blood pressure, individually well dosed – a matter close to the heart. We welcome you to the well-deserved winter break with 21 texts by 22 authors* in 11 languages and the work of 13 translators* – freshest world literature from Berlin, prose, essay, poetry in different shades of language, which in the course of change dissolve from the hidden and stir up cold, clear air.

Joey Bahlsen, Birger Hoyer & Lea-Liane Winkler
Editorial Office


Kate McNaughton: Globish

Denise Pereira: Poemas

Delphine de Stoutz: Un Point sur un Page Blanche

Josephine Bätz: Poems

Milena Nikolova: За рибите

Esther Andradi: Vieja Pared

Jürgen Jakob Becker: Metropole des Übersetzens

Julie Tirard: Malou, chien Sauvage

Marina Agathangelidou: Lyrikübersetzen als Extremsportart

Valeska Geesdorf: As if

Spomenka Štimec: Tilla

Dora Kaprálová: Ostrov Ohraničených Přání

Ani Menua: Քեզ որ առնեմ (wenn ich dich habe)

Alexander Caros: Poemas

Jacinta Nandi: Facebook Moms

Martin Lau: foutou pour foutou

Inga Iwasiów: Głębsze cięcie

Dola Rosselet: Comme du chiendent

Zehava Khalfa: אֱלִישָׁע

Dinara Rasuleva: Стихи

Iga Nowicz: At the Gym


All photographs © Joey Bahlsen

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