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Issue no. 14

stadtsprachen magazin (2020)


In a time when our editorial team is split between Lisbon and Berlin, which for an internet magazine, really isn’t as much of a hindrance as it might seem, it is perhaps fitting to quote Pessoa who once wrote: “Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life.” And perhaps just this once, we should disagree with the titan of melancholy. We’ve compiled literature not just to soothe, to quiet disquiet and to act as a balm in a fraught, anxious world but also to inspire in times of civil unrest. The underlying ethos of stadtsprachen magazin has always been to celebrate the diversity of this city, to lay bare the underlying connections between all the various facets and lingual threads in Berlin.

In this, stadtsprachen magazin’s 14th issue, we showcase 26 authors, 8 translators and their literary texts in 11 different languages. Among these texts, you’ll find prose, poetry and non-fiction from many of our stadtsprachen favourites, as well as a fair few fresh voices, who are making their stadtsprachen debut. In addition, we’d like to make special mention to the contributions by Eugene Ostashevsky and Yoko Tawada, giants of the Berlin literary scene, who have composed two wonderful texts especially for this new edition.

Joey Bahlsen & Birger Hoyer
Editorial Office


Eugene Ostashevsky: But The Wise Perceive Things About To Happen

Yoko Tawada: Der Weltbürgersteig

Aurélie Maurin: Visite ma tante

Dmitri Dragilew: Der erste Jahrestag am Weißen See

Delphine de Stoutz: Le Cochon

Tzveta Sofronieva: Детектор на чудеса

Tsou Yung-Shan: 沒有人愛我的意思是,請你愛我。

Eliza Panagiotatou: Ο άσπρος γάτος

Sînziana Păltineanu: personal infrastructure

Ilia Ryvkin: дневник обратно

Laurence Ermacova: Solo Album

Bibiana Candia: Alta definición (manual de usuario)

Giwi Margwelaschwili: ლამაზი ქალი სარკესთან ლექსში

Bettina Hindes: Transportation Tales from Unterwegs

MC Jabber: Like

Võ Thị Hảo: Rồng

Stéphanie Lux: sidésiration

Milenko Goranović: Das Rot, das nach Asche riecht

Nora Amin: Too late to wake up

Dora Rosselet: Pierre Feuille Ciseaux

Ruhat Gülçin Kırdar: Ulu bir çınar

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt: Short Poem About Flowers, Bees, and Gravity Rainbows

Mati Shemoelof: A Few Words On The State of Contemporary Poetry

Ani Menua: Liebesnotiz

Jacinta Nandi: So Jealous

Zehava Khalfa: כן

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