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Issue no. 8

stadtsprachen magazin (2018)

Editorial no. 8

stadtsprachen magazin no. 8 is up and ready for intense perusal! Those of you who dip in and out of a pool of literary obsessions need to look no further for their fix of multilingual Berlin Lit: 24 authors, 16 translators, 10 languages. We unearthed brand new literary treasures, several new translations and are delighted to have offered a few authors their first publication. We’ve gathered poetry & prose & non-fiction that glimmers, is lit from within.

We inch towards the close of stadtsprachen magazin’s second year of existence and the second year its sister project project Parataxe has brought multilingual readings to audiences all over Berlin and we have good news: Not only will Parataxe continue for at least another year but stadtsprachen magazin will publish its first print anthology in early 2019! Stay tuned to for further updates in the new year.

Joey Bahlsen & Birger Hoyer
Editorial Office


Uljana Wolf: Wovon wir reden, wenn wir von mehrsprachiger Lyrik reden

Donna Stonecipher: Ruinen der Nostalgie 56

Jayrôme C. Robinet: Das Tuch de Babel 

Elina Mikkilä: Jenseits eindeutiger Gruppenzugehörigkeiten

Alexandru Bulucz: Entbabylonisierung: Psychologien der Integration

Delphine de Stoutz: Natürliche Selektion

Federico Federici: Alter Krieg

MC Jabber: MeMe

Widad Nabi: Ich habe Flügel, endlich

Adelaide Ivánova: die abwehrmechanismen/ die hoden

Andrea Scrima: Entropische Literaturen

Milena Nikolova: Wie starb Anna S.?

Anne Fleig: Berliner Futur

Maud Ruget: La fin de P.

Inna Krasnoper: УСТАЛ СТОЯТЬ

Rafael Mantovani: dead

Ilia Kitup: Gibt’s Leben auf dem Mars?

Megan Voysey: A Girl Like Me Can Do Many Things

Yevheniia Bahmutska: 33

Karolina Golimowska: Vielleicht Pnin

Alistair Noon: Translocal Underground 2018

Mitja Vachedin: Plastikgabel

Amora Bosco: Meine Mutter; Herrin der Erde

Ani Menua: Das Manifest des Menschseins



Berlin Polylingual

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