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William Cody Maher (2017)

I was almost human but then something went wrong

I was a human being but then I became a victim

I almost became a human being but then I ran out of time

I was one of two human beings involved in a hideous crime

I was one of three human beings caught up in a mystery

I forgot what it was like to feel human a long time ago

I was set off as a human torch in the eyes of my fellow man

I was human but then it stopped paying off

I was one of two human beings in love with a third

I felt godlike but it didn’t last

I was human but it felt strange to me

It was fun being human for a while till the fun wore off

I was human but then I was in too much pain

I loved a human being once and can hardly believe it now

I saved a human being once but couldn’t save myself

I pulled a human being out of the water once
but it was already dead

I was a human being as long as it was in fashion

I was in the business of being human

I hunted down humans for a living

Act like a human being he cried and then fired the gun

I saw a human being once from a great distance

I wanted to get close to a human being once but I failed

A human being once wrote a beautiful letter to me
but I didn’t have the courage to answer it

I watched a human being get away with murder

A human being was singing once and then it stopped

Human beings can be found everywhere
yet I have never really known one

Until you have lost a human being you loved
you can’t really call yourself human

A great human being was said to have lived here

I looked in the mirror once and saw something that looked
like a viscous animal. So that’s what they look like, I thought

It didn’t look half human when they were finished with it

I wouldn’t want to be a human being for all the money in the world

Now that ‘s a human being I thought and then it went for my

I saw the most gentle human being the other day.
She didn’t see me.

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