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My Mother; The Earthbender

Amora Bosco (2018)

I worry about her, she who’s

both Queen and Warrior

at times when she worries

about me. I worry

about her strength, Held fifty years straight strength.

since before my very first breath- Strength!

I worry about her

about the burdens on her back

the children on her Arms

the worry in her heart

bruises on her legs

With soil under her fingers

I worry about

how on and on she Toils

I worry that she must play

goddess, King, Lord, master

mistress, lover, mother

I worry how

she Embraces it all

to fit me in my shoes and

school books in my bag

I worry

How she Provides Butter and bread

also threads for my dress


from wages earned in

Tea plantations and coffee Fields,

I worry how she in every package fits

I worry how Quick she is to Restore my broken pieces

I worry, For who

Who mends Hers??

I worry about her soul burdened with my tears and blood from when

I hurt my Fragility out of borders

I worry about her.

Of how far she has walked barefooted

cracks on her hands, us on her back

she still bears to put a teddy-bear

in my bag before I go to school,

so I am not alone when

I can no longer See her face.

oh how I worry. off her, her

Her strength that carries Nations upon Nations on wedged wars


yet still able to read bedtime’s stories

helping me fall asleep “good night my child. your loved, so smile”

And she Smiles back

and I worry for she is both

Home and Nation

she is both Fighter and Listener

Comforter of my needs


I worry

As she teaches me how be

be as Naturing as She

I worry that I am not worthy

to Carry forward to her Footprints

prints so deep for she does for each Nation that calls her mother

all she does for me, up to this moment

in time, she cuddles us all on her chest.

peaceful laying our heads to rest

Still she finds the strength to

smile and carry on day after day

I worry and she reminds me

I am part her

Still i worry,

That nobody worries about her

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