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Goitseone Montsho (2017)

Oya, Oya, Oya
Beautiful Oya
You are a tornado Oya
You whirl-winded my life
You left every stone unturned Oya
Oya you broke me
To mend me
You swept under my rug where years of dirt lied piled up hidden
You strew the dirt around
And begged me meet my darkness
Like an old friend to coffee the shadow and i sat
Camaraderie in a war we had not prepared for
Oya you unsettled my reality
In a beauty that made me stay up nights
Wondering how great thou art
Oya you are a storm that leaves ruin
And beg us rebuild ourselves
You are the beauty that is progression
You are the peace in division
And the lesson in revision
Oh Oya
You are a lesson from source
That keeps begging us
Remember, remember, remember
Oh Oya
Beautiful Oya
You are winds Oya
You shake us wide open
To heal us close again
Oya, Oya, Oya
You are a tornado Oya
You whirlwinded my life
You let every stone unturned
Oya you broke me
Only to mend me whole, again.

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