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stadtsprachen magazin (2019)

What languages does Berlin write in? The riches of Berlin’s multilingual contemporary literature are published and collected in the stadtsprachen magazin: We present the work of 20 translators and 30 authors from 15 languages from the field of polylingual and transcultural literature in a printed German special edition. World literature from Berlin!

Works by
Jùmọké Bọlanle Adéyanju | Esther Andradi | María Cecilia Barbetta | Clementine Ewokolo Burnley | Patricia Cerda | Bora Ćosić | Thế Dṻng | Federico Federici | Iunona Guruli | Brygida Helbig | Orsolya Kalász | Dora Kaprálová | Kenan Khadaj | Ilia Kitup | William Cody Maher | Steve Mekoudja | Ian Orti | Eugene Ostashevsky | Sharon Dodua Otoo | Cia Rinne | Andrea Scrima | Rajvinder Singh | Ewa Maria Slaska | Donna Stonecipher | Elsye Suquilanda | Menekşe Toprak | Kinga Tóth | Ekaterina Vassilieva | Érica Zíngano | Nell Zink

In collaboration with
Sabine Adatepe | Joey Bahlsen | Timo Berger | Henning Bochert | Rike Bolte | Ina Böhme | Natalie Buschhorn | Christian Filips | Graham Hains | Birger Hoyer | Ruben Höppner | Martin Jankowski | Barbara Jung | Michael Kellner | Bianca Körner | Natalia Maximova | Le Trong Phuong | Maria Rajer | Simone Reinhard | Raquel Sutter | Joanna Trümner | Carl Weissner | Lea-Liane Winkler | Katharina Wolf-Grießhaber

Softcover, 128 pages with photographs. Available at all Parataxe and Berliner Literarische Aktion events; or for a nominal fee of 10€ plus postage and packing. Can be ordered at, in bookstores or directly on the KLAK Verlag website.

Thursday, March 21st, 13.00 Uhr: Präsentation PARATAXE Bookzine, Leipziger Buchmesse, Halle 4, Stand F100.

Friday, April 12th, 20.00 Uhr: PARATAXE Print Party: stadtsprachen magazin Launch – at Prachtwerk!


KLAK Verlag, Berlin 2019 All rights reserved. Reprints and duplications of any kind only with permission. Cover/Art Direction: Joey Bahlsen. Layout: Jolanta Johnsson. Print: BookPress, Olsztyn.

Publishers: Martin Jankowski, Birger Hoyer, Joey Bahlsen. Editorial office: Lea-Liane Winkler, Bianca Körner. Proofreading: Birger Hoyer. Photographs: © Graham Hains (except: María Cecilia Barbetta, Thế Dṻng, Donna Stonecipher, Menekşe Toprak: © Berliner Literarische Aktion e.V.). ISBN 978-3-948156-06-0


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