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Sînziana Păltineanu (2020)

who knew that our neighbor from the first floor had been swallowing small objects otherwise inedible just for pleasure i didn’t know i wonder who did all these years such an appetite for the world in its multifarious physicality the seashells the necklace stones long brown hair beautiful objects that cannot embellish the inner life of the stomach and eventually conflict with the flora and the intestines and the grinding machine at odds with the living pocket that wants to absorb and transform them who knew i assume some doctors knew the chain of pleasure and pain but of what unusual kinds the trajectory of objects through the human body from ingestion to removal through surgery or excrement the objects of inner pleasure when the inedible seemingly becomes edible the collection of indigestible things that passed through one’s body their dangerous journey and painful rebirth the thrills of hosting a micro-landscape with oranges and seaside pebbles collected and ingested with a taste of scotch hair and more hair the 16 objects ordered in a range from small to big from light to heavy from earthy tones to light hues scratchy or polished porous without a taste and with a lot of taste and after taste heart-shaped or square metal days and bone intensities a snake’s tooth and its powers from within to eat what no other human ate and survive to make it public and gain recognition for an unusual digestive system to become the subject of medical investigation or to keep it private look in the mirror and laugh with all the snake teeth and cat milk teeth and the one golden tooth that are in the mouth of one’s stomach to imagine oneself be endowed with special powers only to increase as soon as those indigestibles reached one’s middle chakra i have become a witch o vrăjitoare i have the nerve and the guts to ingest and radically sense the materiality of my environment eraser in the stomach and swallows one dry half an ink cartridge in the stomach delicious poison metal nib in the stomach and thirsty swallows one in one gulp of water one-centimeter pencil mine sinks in the stomach and the neighbor closes their mouth with the question what writing i have the nerve and the guts to ingest and radically sense the materiality of my environment as if i myself were in a gigantic womb and all it offered to me was delicious to keep myself open from mouth to anus for the flux of the uncensored small-sized objects to pass through accompanied by bizarre radio-graphs and scans followed by zines on how to minimally swallow whole objects handmade or not the roll of the tongue around the indissoluble

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