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Editorial no. 5

stadtsprachen magazin (2018)

Editorial no. 5

Editorial no. 5

It is almost Spring. And as such we’ve sought new Berlin fiction, tall tales, whispered and woven, as a tonic for the wind-weathered soul. Variations on a theme, of quiet and disquiet; or rather syncretic prose & poetry, one unlike the other.

Memory is a recurring theme in this release. As is identity. The two ever-fluid terms, the ripples of the former, wave after wave flooding the present, often determine the latter.

Many of our authors and poets exist between spheres and languages, and as writing is a form of self-determination, their prose & poetry is irrevocably informed by this fact and thus, in turn, colours the virtual pages of stadtsprachen no 5, one year onward from this magazines initial release.


Milena Nikolova: SchrödingERs Katze

Sharon Dodua Otoo: all cognitive functions

Esther Andradi: Die Reisesprache

Irina Bondas: Wir sind andere

Ilia Kitup: Gibt’s Leben auf dem Mars?

Henri-Michel Yéré: Niemand ist Dichter

Alistair Noon: Fußnoten

Martin Jankowski: Zu Graham Hains

Marie-Pascale Hardy: Forced into nurturing

Dora Kaprálová: 15.10.2013

Elsye Suquilanda: Literweise ecuaterretrisches Blut

MC Jabber: MeMe

Denise Pereira: Magenband

Sonia Solarte: Tödliche Handlungen. Zweiter Aufzug.

Henri-Michel Yéŕe: Wir entstammen derselben Rinde

Andrej Hočevar: Without Warning

Rafael Mantovani: jetzt kann ich angeben

Goitseone Montsho: Oya

Elsye Suquilanda: Cyberpoet

Patricia Cerda: Lateinamerikanische Literatur der 60er und 70er Jahre

Kinga Tóth: Koffer offen, Koffer zu…

Kenan Khadaj: لست أنا ذاك الرجل

Ani Menua: In conversation with Kazimir Malevich

Izaskun Gracia: ich weiß wo du bist

Widad Nabi: Das Herz verlässt keinen Ort, an dem es hängt


Joey Bahlsen & Birger Hoyer
Editorial staff stadtsprachen magazin

(All photos © Joey Bahlsen)


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