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Editorial no. 6

stadtsprachen magazin (2018)

Do we read to avoid grieving for the life we’re not living? To rediscover intimacy and disconnection, love and loss? Through the dangling thread of fiction, we map out the occurrences of intimacy like a crooked constellation in the (web) pages of our magazine. Those quiet moments both petal kissed and flaming; the sound of feet shuffling, shoes scraping.

Fiction is a testament to the past, to memories. To the ebb and flow of thoughts, ever-fluid and shifting. What is the past worth? What are memories worth? Are they a currency? Do we trade memory for motion, and is the time the measure? Can we move forward and still remember? We do not recollect. We do not retrieve the past through memory but rather incite representations of it. Fiction and poetry aim at the unconcealment, to record and relive these little illuminations, matches struck in the dark.

Along that line, we’ve collected new multilingual stories and slung them across our keyboards, until their scent wafted up the screen and spilled all across our editorial office.

Joey Bahlsen & Birger Hoyer
Redaktion stadtsprachen magazin


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