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Short Poem About Flowers, Bees, and Gravity Rainbows

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (2020)

Short Poem About Flowers, Bees, and Gravity Rainbows

Born in the mouth of yesterday, feed upon the salts
of the palace of the people.

Daughters of the desert brought forth jars
of graveyard harmonies, and gravity rainbows.

Pop shiva performs on the stage of the paradox,
dressed in ritual flowers of love.

Sunburnt bees gliding through the waves of the horizon, sending
signals like black colored codes attuned in the key
of gratitude.

By the sahara near the sea, washed ashore the siberian wood, cloaked in the mysterious beauty of a swan shaped heart.

To be believed in sacred eyes possessing the magic, brings a change of the soul.

Reflecting passions anonymity and swirled identitys,
wrapped in garments of light, scattered upon the earth like ornaments.

Short Poem About Ebony Bones And Sacred Burial Grounds

My  spirit lays blessed and broken
buried in these grounds
covered with wires
and ebony bones

A fallen star at the door
of a heart like by millions
loved by one.

Short Poem About I Had A Dream

These tiny hands raised
by the grace of god

I did once praise
my allegiance
to the air moon

Arriving  chained and bounded
fields of cotton and sugar cane

My second skin shades
these constantly changing memories

Circled wagons assemble
on the lines of gravitation

Painting in the kinetic
midsummer darkness
the difference between
 lonely and alone

These  scars  bear testimony
long short goodbye story
 in a chorus of clusters

 I am burning   I am burning.

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