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To the dust you’ve become

Jùmọké Bọlanle Adéyanju (2016)

I am bleeding
blood that is not mine
I am bleeding
blood that is yours
I’ll be bleeding
blood that is not mine
I’ll be bleeding, bleeding
bleeding ’til ya gone

And if time is set
I’d wish to vanish in your arms
Only your arms will set me free
And you’d be the air
that once belonged to me
Your tears shall water the seeds
my parents implanted in me
The flowers then shall make you laugh
so loss is easier for you to bear.

Across the streets of unity

We shall overcome
We shall overcome
We shall overcome


You’d start to pray
that all of these stupid questions
from what are you to where you from
looting our people’s mind making them turn
only to drown in the shedding of blood
of innocent sisters and brothers

by the living entity of racism
that all of these atrocities
may surrender
to the dust


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