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Göksu Kunak (2018)

Part I

Hi Hi


I’m new

I’m new in Berlin

I’m 23 yo boy

German Guy,51


Young lesbian girl

drag queen

really feminine transvestite boy

a student

Xabier, 24 years old

I’m looking for

looking for a


a room

a love

a cock

a cut

Fully furnished, newly renovated 2 Bedroom apartment in PrenzlauerBerg; Kreuzberg, Neukölln is available!!

A fully furnished 65 square meter flat

from 1st of June to 15th of September.

June 1st

1st of February

well furnished fully decorated


looking for a room

looking for a nice, kind gentleman, who knows how to treat a lady.

looking for someone to cuddle with on a weekday evening, maybe even a kiss

Looking for sub guys to worship my nuts.

looking for a serious relocatable houseslave.

looking for a room from June 1st

June 1st

1st of February

Hi, I’m here

new and here in Berlin,

I don’t have a place looking for a room. If any body has and idea, can you pm, pls?


INTERNET, gas, electricity, water,

with washing machine, microwave/oven, TV & internet/internet-wireless, fridge, gas-cooker & all kitchen gear/stuff

all are present

house and kitchen equipment

wireless internet, moka pot/coffee maker and a washing machine

Queer friendly, conscious about energy use,

Love, cuddles, stocky, hung, uncut, dominant, experienced,


Are you urgently searching?

Do you really want to change your life completely?

Are you somebody who love to serve (sexual, non-sexual, domestically)?

Are you submissive and very obedient ?

Do you love to get frequently punished ?

Do  you love to have sex only bareback ?

And are you really available for a live-skype check ?


Young, dominant guy Love being verbal.

Tidy and quiet





Wink smile Heart


Are you urgently searching?

Here is a furnished apartment available for rent in Mitte Berlin. Students are allowed, couples are allowed and a single parent is also allowed.


You better like the feeling of nice full hairy balls in your mouth. Suck on them until I feed you what you deserve. Look up at me as I splatter my warm juice on your cheeks and forehead. Young, dominant guy here. Love being verbal. Regular thing would be great.

Ideally the apartment should be close to the centre or close to an S-Bhan/U-bahn.

looking for a serious relocatable houseslave. Submissive, hardworking and interested on a longterm live-in relationship. No wannabe, faker, liar. All races and nationalities (including refugees) are welcome.





until the end

until the end of the month
I’m introverted: that means that the responsibility of carrying the conversation will fall on you. Talk as much as you could. Oh but wait, there’s more. I’m too opinionated to just let you get away with saying bullshit, so you can’t actually talk as much as you want after all. Not to forget that I generally prefer quiet environments anyway, so might tell you to just shut up at any random moment.




I’m an intergenerational love fest.

I’m a Catholic Priest who identifies as gay

I’m a bundle of contradictions

I’m not just boobs and blonde hair (edit: it’s currently pink).

too upfront, honest

pokemon trainer geek girl

easily moved to laughter and tears

eternal optimist

rebellious, hedonistic,

into chemically altered experiences

an opinionated yet open minded over thinker.

Self knowing yet still self-discovering.

This I like 🙂

I like art

I like sunshine, bear hugs, good times,

I like oxygen

I like Birkenstock sandals

I like electricity, gas and water bills

I like soft tight pussy which is already wet.
I like it!


I’ve been always awesome. I’ve never been cool.

There, I said it: I’m a weirdo; I hate baked beans.


Part I.II.


I’m subletting my place. renovated with memories. a man died there. an old man. I didn’t know him. I cried in this sublet life. once I said: I hate it here. I meant the world, not the sublet. the sublet was OK. I made love here, I had sex, I cuddled. I had fights. I felt drunk and miserable; I felt sexy and great. I sublet all of these. I sublet the heating pipes making weird noises. I masturbated with their choir. I sublet my moans. I sublet it along with the furniture: the couch, the bed, the library, the books. a quarter is hidden in one of them. I sublet possible hallucinations. I sublet the energies radiated from the visitors. I sublet my future plans. I sublet the feelings. they all come with the flat. I sublet the coffee stains. the dust resting in the corners that I couldn’t reach with the vacuum. I sublet the swiped come. I sublet my dog’s hair. I sublet my cold feet. I sublet the waves of laughter. well decorated with laughter, 700 Euros, great neighborhood.


Part II


Q: When the possibility of movement slips through your fingers, when you have the Weltschmerz, when you are in pain, when you watch the news and think about the refugees in a limbo called the refugee camp, I mean when you cannot move, how do you move?


Two beautifully aged white choreographers laugh and make jokes to swipe away the question under the carpet.


I feel awkward. Maybe it was a bad question. Now everyone thinks I’m stupid. I kept on feeling like shit until a book reminded me the brutal fact: movement is a privilege and freedom is precarious.


Once I went to a talk.

Once my friend told me a story.

Once the unknown was known.

Once I was in love.

Once we had kids.

Once I was the president.

Once we were free.

Once I sublet a room that was already sublet.


(TED Talk attitude)


Once for my military service, I was on the border of S and T. Vast golden lands that nothing but snakes and frogs and shit passing by. It was 8 years ago and back then there was no war and shit. In this small cabin, I was doing the night shift with only a cheap rifle, cause nothing was functioning—neither the night vision binoculars nor the thermal camera. Once I tried to talk with the Commander about this problem but he “kindly” advised me to fuck myself and not to deal with the fucking shit that is fucking the Commander’s duty if I don’t want to be sent away. I laughed. I was at the fucking border, it’s not Hawaii here and I’m doing the night shifts; isn’t it already exile? Anyways. So out of boredom, I was smoking weed that I smuggled in and reading Bukowski and catching frogs with a flashlight and shooting at them. From time to time, I was calling the base and making fake alarms and afterwards I telling that it was just some animals passing by so that they wouldn’t come to check if I’m sleeping or not—even thought, as I’ve said, neither the night vision binoculars nor the thermal camera were functioning.


One day, I was reported that another person will be sent to my cabin. I was like fuck. I started to enjoy my me time so much—you know books and weed—that the presence of a second person was not a good sign. He came, Muhammed was his name, a thin shy kid. I offered him some weed but he said he’s Muslim. Me too, I said to have some kind of a connection—guess I was afraid he will squeal about the weed to the Commander. We talked a little: he was an enthusiastic nationalist conservative young kid at the age of 19 and he asked me about the night vision binoculars and the thermal camera. It doesn’t work. What do you mean it doesn’t work? It means if the so-called terrorist comes we will have no fucking idea. But don’t worry: I don’t think they’ll enter from this part of the border. Have you talked about this with the Commander? We should report this. Yes, I did and please don’t talk to them and don’t tell this to anyone in the dormitory.


He cried he cried he cried he cried he cried he cried and whined and whined and whined.

Everything he believed in was protected by no one, there was no Holy Nation and shit and he being in this jail had no meaning any more. Maybe Allah was still there to do something for this situation. I have no idea about that.


The weekends were nice, though. We were allowed to go to the small village. There were chickens and hens strolling around and shit.



“Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know. And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones.”


Today 1 Euro was 4,6 Turkish Liras

meaning 1 euro book is 4,6 Turkish Liras

meaning 1 Euro bread is 4,6 Turkish Liras

meaning 1 Euro espresso is 4,6 Turkish Liras

meaning 1 Euro prostitution is 4,6 Turkish Liras

meaning 1 Euro visa fee is 4,6 Turkish Liras

meaning 1 Euro gun is 4,6 Turkish Liras

meaning 1 Euro insurance is 4,6 Turkish Liras


Turkey for four Euros and sixty five cents February 22, 2018.




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