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To Be a Man

Steve Mekoudja (2018)

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch und Französisch verfügbar. Der Inhalt wird in einer anderen verfügbaren Sprache angezeigt. Sie können einen Link anklicken, um zu einer anderen verfügbaren Sprache zu wechseln.

Art and Creative Direction: Steve Mekoudja. Camera: Lea Bethke & Sali Fayssal. Edited by: Nafoore Qâa & Isma & Poliana Baumgarten. Color Grading: Sali Fayssal. Set Photographer/Camera Assistent: Katrin Krautgasser & Stéphane Kamwa. Styling: Steve Mekoudja & FUFU & Ama Frimpong. Additional voices: Prosby. Production: Coeur Noir Prod & Mintou IV Marcel Manfred. Guitar: Wandji Tchamdeu Osee Abdias. Piano: Nkede Paul Nkede

You enter this world and spirits sing:

《This is a man》

A man

Your new name on your head like horns

A new name in which you find yourself trapped

A new name imposing Faces on you

Rugged Faces

Violent Faces

Arrogant Faces

You enter this world searching for who you are

You don’t know what being a man truly means

You are so flamboyant

You dance so well

And your smile is reminiscent of the beauty of a flower’s budding

But they say:

“Swallow your emotions, Hide those tears, play football

Above all, never wear pink

Don’t dare to cry

You are a man

And men are made of iron

Men are made of stone”

Yes, you are a man. But when you step forward, your chest is on the edge

of an explosion

And when your heart wants to speak, your head will answer that you are

not a woman.

This is about being who you are

This is a poem for all those men hiding themselves behind a face

Those men who silence their tears

Men that we do not see

We do not hear

This is a poem for me

For you

For you and me

This is a poem for our humanity




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